Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Literary Piece: When You Grow Up

Originally written: October 21, 2009

If you want me out of your life, I can respect that. You need to wade in your pool of shallow misery so I’m letting you. I used to look over you as you swam. I even pulled you away whenever you were on the brink of drowning.

But I grew tired of always looking out for you. I got my own life, my own dreams to live out. Besides, he’s there to hold your hand. What need am I? Or them, you know, your other friends?

Go on with your world domination. Your anger, your hatred. Keep up your petty name calling and under-the-breath talking. Act like a kid while we live, laugh, and love. You’re on your own now.

Come back to us when you decide to grow up. Be careful not to choke when you swallow your pride; it’s big, right? Don’t worry, we’ll be at a distance when you grow up.

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