Monday, January 24, 2011

It's what I would call progress

I have a crush on someone. That's not really news, but this is: my admiration for this guy was not sparked by attraction to his looks. Instead, this crush grew from admiration of his honest mind. He's brilliant, smart, a Harry Potter fan, and an avid reader. He's a wonderful blogger and his writing is impeccable. He's my age and he and I are from the same country.

Where did I find him? Tumblr. What's his name? Ask me not.

He's admirable because of his passion for reading. He's not a literature major, and yet he reads more than I do. I will admit, his writing style's better than mine. His passion is what makes me admire him.

For once, I do not like a guy for his handsome face or charming smile... For once I felt something for someone using something other than my foolish eyes.

Personally, this is what I would call progress. Gone is the girl who hungered for attention and affection from a handsome man. A mature young woman taught her to turn her eye from the physical and direct them to the word that came from that physical being.

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