Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Umbridge Strikes Back! (And no, I'm not referring to THE Umbridge)

Life can be strange sometimes. For a moment, it presents you with a problem that you feel you can not conquer, and all you can feel is doom and dread. But then, surprisingly, that problem is lifted off your shoulder and you feel as if you're free for good.

Oh, no. Life's little third act twists come into play and bring back the problem you thought you've gotten rid off.

This is the case when one of SOH's most infamous instructors - let's call her "Dolores Umbridge" - became my instructor in one of my major subjects. I used the word "infamous" because she is known to be as a certain  majors' worst nightmare (I'd like to specify what department of School of Humanities that is, but I would like to keep that one under the rug in case anybody accuses me of anything). She comes across as mean, especially since she is known for humiliating her students in class. Some also say that when things get personal between her and a student, she fails any student who would dare defy her. If what I mentioned make a person a bully, then, yes, I consider her as a bully.

The moment she entered the classroom during the first meeting, dread filled every student in the room. It was like a Dementor entered the room and as though all the happiness in the world was gone. "Why her?" could've crossed a student's mind. As for me, though I did feel the dread, I eventually just told myself to accept the situation for what it was: a challenge to overcome. I tried to keep a strong spirit, but eventually I realized that I don't believe in using intimidation in order to make a student learn. To me, it felt like this instructor had to be respected because she's feared. I'm sorry, but I believe that there must be kindness in teaching. Even if I was only under her class for a few a day, I hardly saw a speck of kindness in her personality.

Fortunately, it turned out that she was only a temporary instructor for that subject. The class was euphoric upon hearing that.

But the celebratory mood was short-lived when we learned she was going to be our permanent instructor in another major subject. Oh, crap, "Dolores Umbridge" is back.

I for one am not so happy at this news. I thought we were all free from "Dolores Umbridge". Then again, maybe this is a challenge I'm just going to have to face. I once read a quote that says "When life puts you in tough situations, don't say 'why me?' Just say 'try me.'"

Well, you know what? In the words of Barney Stinson: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

And come to think of it, "Dolores Umbridge" isn't the only mean-spirited person I will meet in my life. I mean, what if I end up having a boss who is just like "Dolores Umbridge"? So I might as well get used to facing "superiors from hell" and know that at the end of it all, I'm going to be all right.

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