Sunday, February 28, 2010

“You can either be my best friend or my worst enemy”: Things I Don’t Tolerate in a Friendship

You might be wondering: “what’s with the subject line?” Well, I’m here to list things I do not tolerate in a friendship:

1. Lies. I guess that’s universal.
2. Self-centeredness. Come on, have some consideration for me. Do that and I will return the favor.
3. Irksome behavior such as, but not limited to, messing with my hair in a not-so-cute way, squeezing my cheeks like I’m an unresponsive dog, or not getting any of the hints I drop when I am not in the mood to chat.
4. Lack of ambition for oneself and pessimism. Don’t rub me with your negativity because that’s just not me.

Those are about it. For the most part, I am tolerant, but these are the four things (actually five) I do not allow to get past me.

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