Saturday, January 23, 2010

10-All Time Favorite Michael Jackson Songs

I’ve thought about it, and now the final list is here. I have finally thought of all of my favorite Michael Jackson songs and put them on this list. Here are my top 10 all-time favorite Michael Jackson songs:

Man In The Mirror
- The song has impactful lyrics that always awaken my spirit every time I listen to the song. It’s my number all-time favorite Michael Jackson song because it’s a chilling song to listen to—especially when you let the meaning of the song sink in. The song is a strong, relevant-for-all-time song.

- This song could always be counted as tied with “Man In The Mirror”. The aggression is irresistible, the lyrics are full of attitude I can’t help but project, and the song makes me get up and dance. It’s a song I listen to when I’m irked, when I just want to scream “Stop pressuring me!”

The Way You Make Me Feel
- I remember when I first heard this song: it was when I was watching “Center Stage”, and I remember being ensnared by the way the song was used in the scene. But as for the song in itself, I like the sweet lyrics it has. I like the song’s melody and beats. The song makes me want to just get up, dance, and let go of the things that make life so haggard.

Beat It
- The best thing about “Beat It” is the rock and roll vibe it shares with the funk and r n’ b tune that MJ was known for. Furthermore, the guitar solo just really kicks ass. Fall Out Boy did an awesome cover version too, by the way.

They Don’t Care About Us
- I remember truly appreciating the song after seeing the video clip of Michael Jackson rehearsing the song in his should-have-been comeback concert. I remember how Orianthi Pangaris was rocking the guitars and how the dancers had their cool G.I Joe-ish dance moves. The song has great, “protest” like lyrics that seek racial equality, and the beats, well, how can you not nod your head to them?

- Now, how can you not like “Thriller”? it’s one of the best songs to goof-dance to at Halloween, and even on regular days.

Billie Jean
- From the hypnotic base line and snare beat to the danceable beats, “Billie Jean” is truly a great song. I like the song, however, because Chris Cornell made a cover version that was absolutely his own.

Black or White
- I remember this video playing on MTV when I was a kid. I remember the cool morphing technology, and Macaulay Caulkin being a guest in the video. But what makes me consider the song a part of this list is that the song has timely lyrics: “It don’t matter if you’re black or white”. That line says so much for our time.

You Rock My World
- This song came out in my generation. I believe I was 10 years old when the song came out. I wasn’t much of a Michael Jackson fan back then, but I remember liking the song when it came out. The lyrics have a romantic, sweet sense in them. And the song’s also one of MJ’s songs that makes me want to just dance.

Smooth Criminal
- I first heard the song when Alien Ant Farm did their rock version of the song. Comparing both the original and cover version, I would say that both are awesome, kick ass songs. Besides, that anti-gravity lean? How can you not be amazed by it?

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