Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Literary Piece: Two

Author’s Note: It’s not what you think.

Originally written: November 3, 2009

He’s staring at me, waiting for me to tell him what I’m thinking. I stare back politely and say I’m not yet ready. My soul feels unprepared to be bared.

He goes on to mock me with his blank face. Sometimes he just blinks in synchrony to the ticking clock. As for me, I just clutch to my guard and not let a glimpse of my flesh show. He’s waiting for me to give myself to him.

He comforts me. He says “Trust me. I will protect you every step of the way. As you touch me, I’ll lead you. We will move in synchrony.”

All of a sudden we are one. He did as he promised: he led me as we moved in synchrony. More importantly he made me feel safe. I poured my heart, I poured my soul. He took them with respect. As the ink dries up, I’m glad to say: we did it.

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