Monday, January 25, 2010

Literary Piece: A Life From a New Perspective

Originally written: November 22, 2009

“Miss Murder” blares through my ears. I try to be deaf—to the reality, the disappointment, and the embarrassment. The words of the song don’t really coincide with how I’m feeling. But who cares? I’m just here to deliver a verbose mystery.

I want to scream! I want to shear what keep me bound and keep me from the world! I want to feel some form of rush because I am very sick of living a partially boring, fucked up life! True, I have reasons for happiness, but I thirst for more. My knuckles turn white and I tremble as the rage builds up. Set me free!

I want to live my life from a new perspective. No heartbreaks. No dullness. No naivety. I hunger for risks, freedom. I dare myself to be daring.

So allow me to shear those that hold me back. Allow me to change. Allow me to not give a fuck anymore to the people who don’t appreciate me for who I am. Allow me to take this new perspective. I want to live by that perspective.

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