Friday, January 22, 2010

Literary Piece: It’s Do or Die

Author’s Comment: Who would have thought that the nervousness of getting your grades could be a source for writing piece?

Originally written: October 26, 2009

Heart beats overtime as I stand in line. Pass or fail? Victory or failure? I mustn’t entertain thoughts of doom. I must keep my vision clear: “Pass them all, 100%.”

The line moves and my knees weaken. It’s do or die, moment of truth, sink or swim. There’s no turning back now. Everyone else waits anxiously, some hiding it by talking incessantly. As we reach the end of the line, I grow quiet. At this point I’m overwhelmed by contradicting emotions. It really is do or die at this point.

I reach the end of the line and wait. That familiar piece of pink paper that bears my name is taken away from the rest and my heart races double time. I turn it face down and move away from the line.

My eyes fall to the lower part of the page and see: 100%. YES! Victory is mine! The optimism and determination have been rewarded. With faith ever so strong, I was blessed: I passed every one of my subjects. Another dream come true.

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