Friday, January 1, 2010

Memoir – 11/24/09

I don’t like what I have become: cold, distant, cynical, easily-provoked. How can someone go from being devout in the faith for true love to someone who embraces Loneliness?

I believe in true love. I want to keep believing in true love. But why is life convincing me lately that the possibility of finding it is uncertain? Must I keep waiting, even if the cold hands of Despair lures me to her pool of doubt?

Love’s been pre-determined by Fate. Two people are created for each other. They’re in this world in order to find each other. The twist of fate is that they’re left on their own to find their way to their destiny. There will be people who will come and affect them—either in a good way or a bad way—until finally they make their way to the right one.

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