Monday, January 4, 2010

Literary Piece: For The Benefit of The Heartless Girl

Author's Note: This is inspired by The Beatles' "For The Benefit of Mr. Kite".

Originally written: October 5, 2009

For the benefit of the heartless girl,
I’m leaving her alone
With her anger and her hate
Oh, bitterness is her only taste!
She has turned into a hypocrite,
Plentiful of shh…

“The person you’ve become”
Or is it “the person that you are”?
I couldn’t give a fuck or damn
Just as you know that I am done
Did you feel that? Never mind
Why should I put up with someone so unkind?

Her best friends, they come and go
Too bad she doesn’t pay them as if they’re hoes
She pulls and pushes them away
Like rubber bands that flick, that never stays
Her anger’s a bombshell, pull the pin
Don’t forgive her, she doesn’t with others’ sins

Heartless girl, you will realize,
See through your hating eyes,
You’ll end up along with anger
With no one to make you feel better
As for me, well, I’m walking on!
Sayonara, I hope you fall!

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