Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice Breaker Question

“Would you die a martyr for our country? Why?”

Many brave individuals before me have died martyrs for the Philippines—Jose Rizal, Ninoy Aquino, to name some. Even the latter is quoted for his famous saying: “The Filipinos are worth dying for.”

But if you ask me if I would die a martyr for our country, I would say that I will. If and only if I die for a good cause, that is, if I do it while fighting corruption and poverty. But at my age and my still self-centered (i.e. myself, my dreams, and the people around me) way of thinking, I would probably say “no” just for now.

Allow me to truly feel my sense of pride as a Filipino. Then I shall say “yes” to that question, without even answering the “why”.


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