Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1661 Most Significant Songs in My Life: Come Together by The Beatles

Out of all The Beatles’ songs, I consider “Come Together” as my favorite. The lyrics are gibberish, the original isn’t as hard rocking as the cover versions, but I still like the song.

American Idol season 8 winner Kris Allen performed the song on the show and through his version of the song I became curious about The Beatles. I became a fan of The Beatles since. However, I have to say that I liked Kris Allen’s version better. His version is fun to listen and sing along to, even if the lyrics don’t make much sense to me.
As I grew fond of the song, I found other versions of the song by other artists. The late great Michael Jackson made a pop version of the song that makes me want to dance along. Also, Joe Cocker did a version of the song that was featured on the movie “Across The Universe”. Cocker’s take on the song gave a Blues vibe to the song, giving it a dark feeling to it. Other artists such as Carly Smithson and Aerosmith did their own respective versions of the songs. There are many more versions of the songs, though, not just the ones I mentioned.

The song’s been presented in various styles, all of which make me love the song even more. This goes to show how I am able to appreciate different styles of music. So no matter what genre “Come Together” is sang, I know that it’s a song that makes me happy and carefree.

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