Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Most Awesome Things About My 2009

Another year has passed and a new one is unfolding. My 2009 was a good one, for the most part. I received blessings, I shed tears, I smiled, I laughed, I loved and hated. There were plenty of awesome times, and this blog counts down those awesome moments.

10. Becoming fan of shows like Gossip Girl, So You Think You Can Dance, Grey's Anatomy, and America's Next Top Model.

9. Listening to awesome records from artists like Kris Allen (self-titled), Allison Iraheta (Just Like You), Lady GaGa (The Fame and The Fame Monster), Daughtry (Leave This Town), Papa Roach (Metamorphosis), Kelly Clarkson (All I Ever Wanted), and Paramore (Brand New Eyes). These favorite musicians of mine filled my 2009 with their new (in some cases debut) albums.

8. Watching long-awaited movies like Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.

7. Watching fantastic moments in my favorite TV shows like seeing the inspirational Kris Allen win American Idol and seeing Lucas and Peyton get married and have a family on One Tree Hill.

6. Turning 18 on June 8. I spent the day with my family, we had lunch together, and shopped for my gifts. It was also touching to receive birthday greetings from my friends, family members from far away, and acquaintances via the net.

5. Finishing my first year in college without failing any subject.

 4. Establishing myself as a blogger under the pen name P. Viron, creating a Twitter page to help put myself out there, and creating my Facebook fan page.

3. Realizing who my real friends are and who have the potential to be one. There were people whom I thought were going to be my long-time friends, but they eventually showed their dark yet true colors.

2. Writing "Into My Web" and "The Only Exception". Not only are they inspired by songs of the same title, but I was influenced by what were happening in my life. The stories had a lot to do with my perspectives on love and life that I got to mold during 2009.

1. Becoming a more faithful and confident person. My personal faith has nothing to do with religion; it's more about faith in life, people, and myself. As for confidence, it improved in 2009 and hopefully by 2010 it will be something I have down to a science.

2009 was great, if not AWESOME for me, and now that I feel it in my heart than I'm becoming a better person, I hope that 2010 will be AWESOME as well.

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